How much water is in your food?

Animal products and plant-based foods use drastically different amounts of water to produce.

Different food sources use different amounts of water to produce, but it’s quite shocking to see how much of our limited supplies of fresh water is used to produce animal products—especially compared to what’s used for plant-based foods.

On April 28th BloomingVeg hosted a water-usage activity at the 2019 Street Fair! Attendees could guess which containers represented the amount of water used for each category of food.

30 gallons of water =1 gram of beef

Did you know that it takes 30 gallons of water to produce just one gram of protein via beef?

Compare that to 5 gallons of water to produce one gram of protein via legumes. We also had containers for 7 gallons of water to represent general veggies, and 15 gallons for pork.

Eating vegan saves animals, is great for your health, better supports workers’ rights, and is the single biggest thing you can do for environmental sustainability!

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